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How do you assemble SlabShelf?

Assembly is quick and easy!  SlabShelf comes in 3 pieces...The Back Wall, Bottom Shelf (bigger) and Top Shelf (smaller).  Align the Bottom Shelf bracket to the Back Wall opening (shaped like a "U").  Apply pressure and push through then slide down to lock.  Repeat the same with the Top Shelf.  That's it!  If needed, SlabShelf can easily be taken apart for transport or storage.

How many cards does SlabShelf hold?

SlabShelf holds 8-10 traditional sized graded cards.  You can display larger "Big Boy" cards if you like as well, with a reduced total capacity.  You can also mix and match!  

What are the dimensions of SlabShelf?

Slab Shelf is 15 inches wide and 10.25 inches high.  When assembled it is 3.5 inches deep.

Do you offer wholesale options to dealers?

We do offer SlabShelf at wholesale quantities starting with a minimum of 50 units.  Please contact directly for more information at 

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